"Amorfismos" explores the distorted and negative self-image that is constructed and mutated from emotions, lived experiences, and interaction with others. Starting from the premise that these mental images are often false and altered, I am interested in examining my own. By investigating my perception, I am recognizing the body as an uncomfortable and changing mass, as an object that I inhabit and deteriorates with use, a weight that I have to drag around as something foreign and annoying. 
This project is the transition from a mental image to a concrete one, and it stems from a doubt: not being able to identify with something that constantly changes, searching for myself and finding only a deformed lump that moves and breathes. My starting point is photography, which allows me to explore my self-image and reconstruct it, resulting in a mass of skins that conglomerate in space.
"Amorfismos" es un proyecto multimedia que utiliza la fotografía como eje central, en el que explor la materialidad del cuerpo, para desembocar en un proceso escultórico en el que involucro video y escultura para "recuperar" el volumen de cada cuerpo/masa.
"Cuerpos abandonados" (2018) 
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