Amorphisms (2017) explores the distorted and negative self-image a person may have of their body. It is an image that is constructed and mutated by emotions, lived experiences, and interaction with others. Given that these mental images are often false and altered, I am interested in examining my own. As I delve into my perception, I begin to recognize the body as an uncomfortable and changing mass, as an object that I inhabit and that deteriorates with use, a weight that I have to drag around like something foreign and bothersome.

My interest is directly related to the physical transformation I underwent at a time when my mental health was affected. It was then that I began to experience an almost obsessive concern with the malleability of the body through stimuli such as weight loss, excessive exercise, and the passage of time.  This project is the transition from a mental image to a concrete image, starting from a constant doubt upon seeing something different in it and failing to identify myself. That lack of identification reaches a point where what I find is only a lump of deformed flesh that moves and breathes.

My starting point is photography, which allows me to explore and reconstruct my self-image. In a second phase, through sculpture, I try to restore volume and movement—life—to a two-dimensional image: in this way, I explore the ambivalence between the living body that becomes an object and the object that comes to life.
"Cuerpos abandonados" (2018) 
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